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We work since the creation of the company with film-makers and artists. Since 2002, with Laurence Rebouillon, this is Rue des Petites Maries, a short fiction in which she gives to see our interventions danced in the streets of Belsunce, realized during the creation of Passants and more recently West Point, a full-length film 35 mm brought out in 2008: Calle Obrapia #4 becomes material of a fiction which takes us from Libourne to Marseille.

Trajets de Vie Trajets de Ville arose from an itinerant research, begun in 2005, which "unfolded" over three years and in several cities: Seville, Sotteville-lès-Rouen, Utrecht, Lisbon, Marseille, Graz…
Of this European experience, we wanted to keep track. Two cameramen filmed the laboratories of creation and the representations. About 60 hours of images, between securement and document, then constituted as a database, a "catalog" of places, cities, lights, forms … With Martine Derain, artist associated by the Company, we wrote from these images, a shape "cinema" of the play.
We deceived differences of spaces and lights, interpreters or energy, by deconstructing the choreography. We disintegrated at first the partition in two moments of this creation which takes place(s) in the morning with Trajets de Vie, solitary dancers in the everyday life of the city, fragile in the middle of the stream, and in the evening, with Trajets de Ville, fiction of a precarious, quite at once sensitive and violent crowd in balance. Then "opened again" each of both propositions in classifying differently this catalog of forms, without respecting the linearity of the choreography. The dance is seen again here in its materials: the fall, the embraces, the carried, the pushed, the repelled, the embraced, the races, the walking or in quality: peace, irritated, frightened, strong, weak… Or in fragments of the play: the "interventions", the "lynching", the circle finally, which says a possible solidarity in the group, the possibility of a friendship. TVTV,the film, is a « translation » of Trajets de Vie Trajets de Ville, the play. Inevitably disrespectful, it opens again the reach of these recorded images and offers them to a new reading, lets appear a new poetic gesture.

If you wish more information on these films, contact Ex Nihilo .

à l’abri du vent, performance/installation

In the public place, we can approach a sort of " zero degree of the dance ", in the middle of the activity of all and the profusion of the signs, one almost invisibility which, in exchange, makes visible the other dances, makes visible " the daily walking of the passers-by as unconscious dance, dance of all people, children, women, young people, glances and multiplied bodies ".

To be inside allows us to work a different relationship and create new conditions for the perception of this " lesser gesture ", in spaces convenient to the concentration that are theaters, museums or galleries. The invitation which made us the General Council of the Var in December in 2008 allowed us to begin the writing, with Martine Derain’s images, artist associated by the company (very urban images, signalling system, lights, cars, passers-by, flows, houses, walls…) Images were shot in Seoul, Paris or Valladolid during 2007 and 2009, and are conceived to work in a autonomous way to offer an intimate, close relation, outside the noise and outside the urban chaos. Echos, breaks, disjunction, opposition of the rhythms, the variations, propose a new organization of forms and glances on the writing of our dance.

Played in Hôtel des Arts in Toulon and in La Compagnie Marseille. If you wish more information on this performance, contact contact Ex Nihilo !

La compagnie collabore étroitement avec des artistes visuels ou réalisateurs autour de ces différentes créations. Ces collaborations ont donné lieu à plusieurs réalisations de films, web-documentaire ou installations vidéos.
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