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Nal Boa [look at me]

Creation 2010 | Choreography for ? 7 dancers et 2 musicians

Nal Boa is the fruit of a work led between Korea and France during year 2010. It is at the same time the composition of our team : 6 Korean, 5 French, 1 Peruvian, 1 Flamande, 1 Japanese and the movement of the rehearsals in Korea which imposed a reflection on the other one, the foreigner. But especially a reflection on our situation of foreigner, somewhere else…

How I look at the other one, how the other one look at me ? What do I look ? What do I see ? Or do not see ? What do I understand or do not understand ?

Nal Boa stages composed glances, crossed glances, shooting, individual speaking in front of the other one, so pursuing our questioning on the individual in the group where the « I » is integral part of « us », where the « I » and the « us » are in permanent interaction, in reaction, in agreement or in conflict…

The show takes place along a wall. We need to lean the show there and making it develop at once a specific choreographic material and the intense imagination which it offers us : the wall as the refuge, to lean, to take some distance and to confront with itself ; a wall to remember itself, remember, take in itself. Be back in the wall, forced, trapped, more not be able tomove, jump by top. Back in the wall, to face, to face the present.

> To receive the technical rider, please contact the company
> Look at the pictures of Joris Hol, Nal Boa au Festival Vivacité, June 2011.

Choreography Anne le Batard et Jean-Antoine Bigot
Distribution Jean-Antoine Bigot, Soo-Bin Kang, Jae-Young Park, Corinne Pontana, Rolando Rocha, Ji In Gook, Han-Sol Yu
Costumes Julia Didier& Ja Young Chang
Music Pascal Ferrari and Rui Owada

Production Ex Nihilo.
Co-realisation Project Wae (Corée du Sud).
Coproduction Gwacheon Hanmadang Festival ; Le Parapluie-Centre international de création artistique à Aurillac ; Atelier 231-Centre National des Arts de la Rue à Sotteville-les-Rouen.
Partners Goyang Cultural Foundation ; Seoul Arts Foundation ; Seoul Artspace Mullae ; Centre Culturel Français de Séoul ; Extrapole.
Supported by SACD/Auteurs d’espace public, l’Adami/copie privée, Spedidam and the Institut Français/Ville de Marseille.

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