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Each of our creations is envisaged in situ, dependant on the space in which it will be presented. The specific history of the place, the relationships that exist there, its atmosphere, « determines » our writing, nourishing the dramaturgy and the set design of each one of them. We call these encounters with such places : Amalgame(s). Both performance and research at the same time, impregnated with feeling –‘amal ‘al gam, the work of union, in Arabic – some of these encounters have produced shows that are today part of ex nihilo’s repertoire and are reconstructed for each presentation… Others remain performances uniquely tied to the location of a specific site. Here are a few of these Amalgames. If you would like us to carry such a research in a particular place, whether an urban or natural space, please contact ex nihilo.

Amalgame for the Dream City festival in Tunis, played in the old medina during 3 days…

Amalgame for the Avis de Temps Fort festival in Port Louis in May 2005 : ex nihilo occupies a pathway along the coast. A joyful and colourful route where dance and music lead on between the sea and the fortifications. Mermaids swept up upon the beach, a man balancing on the sea wall, an unrestrained song, jumps, an unbridled electric guitar, bird-people returning to the sea.

Amalgame for the Les Dindes Folles festival in May 2005 : ex nihilo occupies a sloping field and presents a shifted universe between town and countryside.

Amalgame for the Rencontres Chorégraphiques de Danse Contemporaine in Menton, in the botanical gardens of Val Rahmeh.

In December 2004, ex nihilo accepts the invitation from Lieux Publics for the Sirènes et Midi Net and creates a performance Parvis pas pris for nine dancers and a musician/creator of sound. The space around the Opera in Marseilles was to be occupied between the ringing sound of the siren at midday on the first Wednesday of the month. Ex nihilo worked with the musician Nicolas Dick and presented a choreography using sound to occupy the space on the theme of a state of emergency, alarm and the alert body.

In 2003, during the Envies Rhônements festival in Port Saint-Louis du Rhône, two Amalgames, called Espèces en voies de disparition were presented in the natural parks of the Camargue. Four dancers occupied the space of pathways for two hours, the public was present as a walker-visitor passing by.

Amalgame at the Friche de la Belle de Mai in Marseilles during the 1999 Dansem festival on the theme of the frontier.
Amalgame with the secondary schools in Ajaccio, Festival Itinérant, Ajaccio, 2000, set up every day in different squares in towns and villages across the south of Corsica and where the company presented work within the primary and secondary schools too.

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