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Compagnie Ex Nihilo / Apparemment ce qui ne se voit pas

312 colored pages, Size 16,5 x 20 cm, visible binding
135 photographs, 19 drawings by Jean-Antoine Bigot
Texts in French and in English [Anne le Batard et Jean-Antoine Bigot, Claudine Dussollier, Michel Kelemenis, Alexis Pelletier, Laurence Rebouillon, Emmanuel Serafini, Jean-S?bastien Steil]
Book graphics and illustrations by Martine Derain

Diffusion and distribution Ex Nihilo and éditions commune, with support from Carnets de rue/éditions L’Entretemps and HorsLesMurs-Centre national de ressources des arts de la rue et des arts du cirque.

Presentation Text
By Claudine Dussollier - Author - publisher - geographer

There is something like Jacques Tati’s lightness, eccentricity and modesty in Ex Nihilo dancers. No-one embodies better than they do the spirit of the places — wherever they are, with poetry, commitment and humanity. Brownfield sites, parking lots, ledges, uninhabited places and fragments of cities, buildings and alleys, passages or markets — their way of being in dance is expressed through a flowing relationship with the landscape, making us experience movement in what appears to be without life.

Their trajectories form space where there is congestion, open up horizons in crowded areas and create dreams where everything is emptiness. Their dance gives rise to images, produces silence amid the hubbub, and reveals what apparently cannot be seen. Their calligraphic dancing which gives colour to the greyest landscape creates poetry from the most inhospitable and draws together what is unconnected in our modern worlds.

Martine Derain presents a book that gives the reader the role of the spectator: the dancers reshape urban space before our eyes, free-moving bodies in the city, engaged with the smallest nooks and crannies — a book which reads like a film.

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Dehors encore

20 years of ex nihilo have seemed the right time to make a musical album of the most emblematic of the company shows. We find extracts Loin de là (our first collaboration with Pascal Ferrari in 2000), then Trajets de Vie, Trajets de Ville (2007), Calle Obrapia#4 (new version in 2009), Nal Boa (2010), If 3 = 3 (2011 ), and finally Juste avant le bruit (2014). Pascal Ferrari composes ​​while the choreography is created, in dialogue with the dancers. He plays live on almost every show, sometimes accompanied by other musicians, like Regis Boulard and Rui Owada, who also worked on for this album.

Composition / Arrangement / interpretation Pascal Ferrari, Rui Owada and Régis Boulard. Mixing Ceddy Gonod at the Grenier en construction and live in la Grande Chapelle du Palais des Papes à Avignon during Les Hivernales. Mix and mastering Pascal Ferrari in his studio (The Dominelais)

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