compagnie exnihilo

Behind the White

Creation 2015-2016 | Solo | 25 minutes | Indoor or outdoor

This dance/painting project is about gathering performance and painting through movement and spontaneity.

Jean-Antoine Bigot is the choreographer of the Ex Nihilo dance company with Anne Le Batard for 20 years now. He is also a painter as he invests both these two art forms with his body. The paintings are usually big (2,50mx 1,50m) and express the movement, show figures, carry the audience in a colourful journey. In Behind the White, the dancer/painter is using both trowels and brushes, chalk and colours. It shows the body of the artist, the solo, the smallest, the only and solitary body, which makes the picture alive through dance and live painting.

Derrière le blanc -teaser from Compagnie Ex Nihilo on Vimeo.

> You can find Jean-Antoine Bigot’s work on this website : htpp ://

Dancer : Jean-Antoine Bigot
Outside look : Anne Le Batard
Music (live or soudntrack) : Pascal Ferrari

Production : Ex Nihilo
Parner : KLAP Maison pour la danse, à Marseille

> Download the file (PDF - 472.6 ko)
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