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Ex Nihilo runs training sessions as well as longer courses for professional or amateur dancers and actors.
The training sessions are a gradual physical preparation which begins with exercises on the ground to warm up (waking muscles, centering, stretching) followed by exercises standing up which develop the strength of supports, the presence of the body in space and in relation to others. They all put the accent on:
• the particular physical and technical preparation necessary for dancing outside.
• contacts, supports, awareness, reactivity, listening, momentum.

2021 Calendar
(in progress)
January 18 - 22nd, at the Cité des arts de la rue (Marseille)

Practical info:
from 10 to 12h

La Cité des arts de rue
225 Avenue des Aygalades, 13015 Marseille (Métro 2: terminus Gèze, then Bus #30 to the stop ’Cité des arts de la rue’)

For more information or to participate, contact the company by email or by phone: +33(0)4 91 42 02 87


Parallel to its international and national touring, the company is regularly invited to offer courses and workshops for professional dancers, circus performers, and actors (in conservatories, national dance centers, and other professional training programs). The choreographers are often asked to share their unique relationship to space and the outside environnement.

2021 Calendar
’Improviser, Traverser’ professional Afdas course led by Anne Le Batard and Jean-Antoine Bigot
Public space, negotiated space: danse as a vector for intervention and occupation of public space

March 29th-April 2nd

For more information, please visit The Fai-ar’s website


For many years now the Ex Nihilo company dancers run workshops either in the form of visual art activities or within the framework of UNSS Dance.
An introduction to the unique work of the company is given:
• the use of environment, of the object with regards to dance.
• work on listening to and being in contact with other people.
• work on rhythm.
• producing choreographies that bring together all these elements.
• communal workshops with the dancers of the company.
The workshops can take place inside schools, in assembly halls, gymnasiums, or libraries, for example, but whenever possible outdoors, in playgrounds.

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