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In-Paradise / Paradise is not enough (2016)

In-Paradise, piece for public places / Paradise is not enough, piece for theater on stage

A product of societies in conflict and economic crisis, it is hard not to notice the unauthorised occupation of pavements and streets in recent years. Even in our cities in Europe, informal and ephemeral markets gather on illegally occupied stretches of pavement. Ever-larger shantytowns "find their place" in the undefined spaces of our cities, abandoned wastelands, the grassy banks of motorways or bypasses.

"Hong Kong is almost like a plant ; it grows naturally, absorbing its own space." Michael Wolf, photographer, talking about his adopted hometown.

In Paradise -teaser from Compagnie Ex Nihilo on Vimeo.

Paradise is not enough-teaser from Compagnie Ex Nihilo on Vimeo.

Ephemeral and fragile constructions of various sizes are also appearing in the street, channelling or altering flows of traffic or passersby. In Egypt, for instance, the streets are overrun with vendors, unlikely dancers, and various characters eager to engage in endless jeering banter. Intelligence of movement and inventive installations enable this ease of occupying a "corner" of the city as a real societal claim.

Public space becomes private space or privatised, temporarily or informally.

The streets and the pavements are once again a space for communication, encounters, and exchanges just as well as places of struggle, power, and ownership. These territories, which are acquired, lost, to be conquered again, are also hostile places ruled by an implicit struggle that is ruthless, almost bestial.

All of these modest, mobile boutiques built of bits and bobs, constantly changing, like décors or intelligent, plastic installations, reveal a particular way of living in the street, reflecting the lives of their owners.

This need for an occupation for a decent existence forces the individual to reinvent his relationship with the city, off the beaten track and far way from official spaces. This worldwide phenomenon highlights the economic difficulties, lack of space and necessity of inventing one’s survival, and attests to a new social organisation.

Artistic Direction / Choreography Anne Le Batard Jean-Antoine Bigot Dancers Jean-Antoine Bigot Lisa Da Boit Clément Lecigne Tom Grand Mourcel David Mazon Corinne Pontana Rolando Rocha Satya Roosens Set Design Yoris Van den Houte Music Pascal Ferrari Costumes Julia Didier

Production Ex Nihilo / Coproductions KLAP, Maison pour la danse à Marseille / l’Atelier 231-Centre National des Arts de la Rue-Sotteville-lès-Rouen /CCN de Créteil et du Val de Marne-Cie Käfig /le Pôle des Arts de la Scène, Friche de la Belle de Mai à Marseille / La création a reçue le soutien du ministère de la Culture -DGCA au titre l’aide à la création, de la SACD-Auteurs d’espaces, de l’ADAMI et de la SPEDIDAM / Soutien Théâtre la Passerelle Scène Nationale de Gap et des Alpes du Sud / Coopérative de Rue et de Cirque-2R2C à Paris / Remerciements La Cité des Arts de la Rue à Marseille / Générik Vapeur / Lieux Publics- Centre National de Création en Espaces Publics / Friche de la Belle de Mai / Centre chorégraphik de Bron Pôle Pik

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