compagnie exnihilo


Choreography and interpretation : Anne Le Batard et Jean-Antoine Bigot | Duet | 20 mins

The word is old, and it is a pity: it would be useful; because assembly and assembled mean things or persons. We have no word to express the action to assemble; Malherbe said:
It is in the assemblement of these celestial couples,
That if our past troubles left some rests,
They go of the whole to finish."*

Our duet answers the rules of the game put by Lieux Publics called Marché commun, to create a short shape for a space of the most complex: the market, the place of the business, the exchange…

We invest the time of the deinstallation, not exactly the end of the market but the moment when the square empties, where the stakes in the sale calm down, where the gleaners arrive, the moment of the rests. Two characters will settle down in this chaotic moment, between two, to play in turn the meeting and the exchange.
Clothes, objects, things, heaps, here…
To find a common route…
I do not know.

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Production : Ateliers Frappaz (Centre métropolitain des arts urbains|Villeurbanne) and Centre chorégraphique national de Rillieux-la-Pape (Maguy Marin), within the framework of the "projet eurorégional* Danse/Espace public méditerralpin".
* Associating project: Lieux Publics (Centre national de création|Marseille); Les Hivernales (Centre de développement chorégraphique|Avignon); Ateliers Frappaz; Centre chorégraphique Rillieux-la-Pape; Festival Corpi Urbani (Genova); Festival Teatro a Corte – Fondazione Teatro Piemonte Europa, Interplay|Turin and C’era l’Acca|Turin.

Assemblements is supported by the Kelemenis Company and the Beau Geste Company-Dominique Boivin.

* Jean-François Féraud: Dictionnaire critique de la langue française (Marseille, Mossy 1787-1788 - Page A173a)

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