compagnie exnihilo


Choreography for 6 dancers and 2 musicians | 50 mins | inside or outside

Salida chooses a public space, a public ball room or a field in the countryside for the evening of a ball, with a sawdust covered floor, a garland of lights, a few chairs for the decor, an electric guitar and a drum kit to lead the dance. The spectators of this improvised fête encircle the dancers…

We worked on the duo, the couple, inspired by a two-fold inspiration. The atmosphere of village balls when at the end of the night, the intoxication and the fatigue led to the abandoning and liberating of inhibitions, when the deep wounds and ruptures that have marked the bodies, the faces and the relationships to others appear. One touches the other person, clings to them, without restraint and without embarrassment. Sustained, too, by the Anders Peterson’s photographs.

And, for the dance : the tango, milongas, the entwining of legs in this dance by the Argentinian couple, holding body to body, restrained. The tango as an inspiration, yet we don’t wish to learn the rules but prefer to reconstruct the play between the couple. We moved towards the whirlwind, dizzy, desperately hanging on. Men and women play at seduction, to love and not be mislead, they leave and then find themselves again. The ball, is music, played live, two musicians lead the dancers just as they accompany them.

Salida was inspired by a film by Danielle Bertotto, Le bal d’Yvonne. Throughout the creation of Sur les bords du cadre, Danielle worked with Ex Nihilo on certain themes and the precise constraints of film-making. Here is the village ball where her Italian grandparents met. The theme underpinning Le bal d’Yvonne was the relationship between dance and the image, a dance created for the camera, a camera that dances and which, while moving around the bodies «reveals», them. Thus we developed choreographic material working from a multitude of viewpoints/spectators and a language written in a circular space. The show could thus be seen from all sides as in a circus.

Choreography Anne Le Batard and Jean-Antoine Bigot

Dancers Jean-Antoine Bigot, Anne Le Batard, Corinne Pontana, Anne Reymann, Jean-Marc Fillet, Virginie Coudoulet-Girard

Music Pascal Ferrari, Yves Miara

Lighting creation Jean-Louis Floro

Co-produced by La Compagnie, La Officina and Lieux Publics, Centre National des Arts de la Rue, Marseilles

Salida was created in 2001 for the Dansem festival, Marseilles. Presented at Dies de Dansa, Barcelona; Batofar, Paris; Atelier 231/Sotteville-lès-Rouen; L’Arsenal, Metz; Furies, Châlons-en-Champagne; Chalon dans la Rue (Off); Sabadell, Spain; Rencontres chorégraphiques, Istres; Les 400 clous, Lille; Caressez le potager, Marseilles ; Par les Villages, Aix-en-Provence…

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