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On tour 2021

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April 2021 at Théâtre Les Bambous, Saint-Benoît, La Réunion Island


May 12th 2021 au Festival Cluny Danse, Chissey-lès-Mâcon
Septembre 2021 with Karwan/réseau RIR, Vitrolles

SI 3=3

May 16th 2021 au Festival Cluny Danse, Cluny


June 2021 with the Coopérative De Rue de Cirque, Paris
June 2021 at the festival Carthage Dance Days, Tunis, Tunisia



September 25th 2020 at the Briqueterie, CDCN du Val de Marne, Vitry-sur-Seine


September 24th & 26th 2020 at the Museum of Picardie with the festival ’La Rue est à Amiens’, Amiens
October 9th & 10th 2020 with the Coopérative De Rue de Cirque, Paris (cancelled)
October 30th & 31st with the festival Chalon dans la rue, Chalon-sur-Saône (cancelled)


Auguest 23rd 2020 at ’Dimanches de l’Art Attrape’, at the Couvent Levat, Marseille
Septembre 2020 with Karwan/réseau RIR, Vitrolles (cancelled)
November 4th 2020 with the Atelier 231, CNAREP at Sotteville-lès-rouen (cancelled)

As a gift...
Book "Apparemment ce qui ne se voit pas/Compagnie Ex Nihilo"

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the company Ex Nihilo, we created a book retracing our process around the project Apparemment ce qui ne se voit pas .

Apparemment, ce qui ne se voit pas is a long process of research that led the company Ex Nihilo in 11 cities in Europe, South Korea, North Africa and the Middle East to meet abandoned, neglected places, to put there the alone and lonely body of the dancer and watch how it transforms and reveals the city, each landscape becoming a character itself. A meticulous collection of images, sounds and impressions was conducted at the end of each trip.

This is Martine Derain, photographer and friend of the company for many years, which has made this monograph published by les Éditions communes

>> You can discover and / or make someone discover it by ordering it HERE

Looking back on Ex Nihilo’s different activities
Videos and pictures
Le Nom du Lieu + Workshop

> A video report of 2 minutes was taken by the team of Mes de Danza festival during performances of Le Nom du Lieu and a workshop was lead by Jean-Antoine Bigot and Corinne Pontana in Seville last November.
>> You can find it by following this link
© Mes de Danza Festival

> Several photographs of Le Nom du Lieu being played in Paris, and programmed by 2r2c in June 2014, were taken by Jean-Michel Coubart, author and photographer.
>> To see his gallery click HERE
© Jean-Michel Coubart

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