June 2024


Le 23 juin pour la Journée Olympique au Jardin des Grands Moulins à Paris


Le 25 juin au collège Les Tournelles à Villiers-Saint-Georges

July 2024


Le 26 juillet à Moret-sur-Loing (77)

Un sentier en Normandie#5

Les 27 et 28 juillet à Saint-Etienne-sous-Bailleul (27)


Le 28 juillet au Parc de Choisy à Paris (13ème)

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Extra Time

Performance for one dancer and one actor, 20 planks et 9 paintings

| indoor and outdoor | 45 minutes

Extra Time plays with a tight time, a restricted time. A sculpture begins to take shape, and paint pots used as brushes in balance are suspended from a tangled pile of wooden planks. The painting appears, the imprint of passing time. On stage, a dancer and an actor respond to each other, both witnessing what is being built or disappearing, to the beat of electronic music that serves as an hourglass, keeping the two performers in sustained tension.

The performance was first presented as a solo. Later, Anne and Jean-Antoine wanted to create a second space of narration, a parallel path by associating with the dancer/painter/sculptor, an actor/narrator/slammer adapting his words, his flow and his energy to what is happening in the moment.

This other character is a passer-by, a passenger that tells us stories, feelings, situations, takes us through landscapes, sensations… In a style inspired by spoken word, he evokes metaphorical states of life, a counted time, a journey through the city, encounters, states of mind, intimate thoughts on an organic body. His peripheral presence and his movements establish a resonance, a crossed look. Despite himself, he is a witness to what is being built before his eyes.

Between London, Bangkok, Seoul, Salamanca, Saõ Paulo… we travel with the anecdotes that punctuate the performance, echoing the nomadism of the two performers.

The two characters follow a quest, they avoid each other, associate, and question each other. They brush against each other in words and bodies. An imaginary, barely perceptible relationship is built between them, weaving intimate links between their presences.
While the painter appears to be agitated, the actor seems to be calm.

Conception and interpretation  Jean-Antoine Bigot
Actor  Charles-Henri Despeignes
Ouside eye and soundtrack   Anne Le Batard

Production  Ex Nihilo
Co-production  CNAREP L’Atelier 231 in Sotteville-lès-Rouen | 2angles, Relais Culturel Régional de Normandie in Flers