July 2024


Le 26 juillet à Moret-sur-Loing (77)

Un sentier en Normandie#5

Les 27 et 28 juillet à Saint-Etienne-sous-Bailleul (27)


Le 28 juillet au Parc de Choisy à Paris (13ème)


Le 29 aux Arênes de Lutèce à Paris


Le 29 juillet aux arênes de Lutèce à Paris (5ème)

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Inhabiting the Cité des arts de la rue means having access to a formidable work tool. And having a “home” also means being able to welcome and imagine new collaborations. Since our arrival, there has been a succession of artistic and cultural education actions carried out with the ApCAR or Lézarap’Art, professional training courses with the FAI-AR, performances in the programmes of Lieux Publics and Karwan, collaborations with Generik Vapeur, the Collectif Gena and the Ateliers Sud Side, training sessions and residencies. Everything can be seen on the News page! 

Ex Nihilo opens its regular trainings to professional dancers and actors. The trainings are given on a regular basis at the Cité des arts de la rue and at KLAP, Maison pour la danse in Marseille (but also during each creation residency in partnership with the host venues). In this way, dancers and circus artists from the region, outside the region, and sometimes from abroad, meet in a dynamic movement in Marseille and elsewhere.

Check the News page for upcoming trainings or call us!