December 2023

Accueil Résidence Cie Cube Christian Ubl et Kurt Demey

Du 4 au 8 décembre au studio de danse de la Cité des arts de la rue à Marseille

Projection des films Terschelling et Andhalon

le 18 décembre dans le cadre du Festival Connexion organisé par le Centre Chorégraphique Multicorps à l'Institut Français du Bénin

Trainings Le Fil&Open Studio

Du 18 au 22 décembre au studio de danse de la Cité des arts de la rue à Marseille

January 2024

Trainings Ex Nihilo

Du 22 au 26 janvier au studio de danse de la Cité des arts de la rue à Marseille

March 2024

L’Envers d’ici

Les 10 et 11 Novembre dans le cadre de Eleusis Capitale Européenne de la Culture 2024 en Grèce

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Derrière le blanc

Solo | Indoor and outdoor | Various forms with partners or alone* | 35 minutes

Jean-Antoine Bigot’s drawings and sketches feed the annotations of the piece about the movements and silhouettes of the dancers. Painting on the floor, with a trowel on wooden slabs, allows a more physical approach. The act of painting involves a commitment of the body, a taking up of space, crossed by the impetus of a gesture, of a spirit, dance is not far away… In this solo, everything is in motion: the painter, the objects, and the painting. More than the painting, it is the material of the elements that matter. Raw materials – plaster tiles, tape, wooden plates – clutter the space to become partners in the dance. The character is both a dancer inhabited by his movement and a painter who responds with colour and line, gradually revealing the painting to the audience.

Concept and dance Jean-Antoine Bigot
Outside eye Anne Le Batard
Music Pascal Ferrari 

Production Ex Nihilo, created in 2015
Partner KLAP Maison pour la danse, Marseille


“You will then have told me in the dance

what the colour of the asphalt is

and if you see something of it on the canvas

and if the poem clings to the energy of the dance

and if it is with the same body that we pass

from dance to poem

from dance to painting

from painting to poem

from poem to dance


A poem by Alexis Pelletier

(Translated by Inés Alonso Alonso)