February 2024

Marie Byrd, Résidence de création 2025 avec le CDN de Poitiers

Du 26 février au 1er mars, résidence à la Baraka, CDN de Poitiers Nouvelle Aquitaine à Poitiers

March 2024

L’Envers d’ici

Les 30 et 31 mars dans le cadre de Eleussis Capitale Européenne de la Culture 2024 en Grèce

Iskanderia Leh

Le 9 mars à 19h30 avec L'Usine CNAREP Tournefeuille/Toulouse Métropole au parking du Centre Commercial de Blagnac


Le 16 mars à 20h au Théâtre Comœdia à Aubagne

April 2024

Stage Danser en espace public : Improviser, traverser

Du 8 au 13 avril, stage AFDAS avec la FAI AR à Marseille

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A two-part piece for 7 dancers and two musicians / outdoor/indoor

The two pieces can be performed together or separately: In Paradise, 55 minutes / Paradise is not enough, 60 minutes

Unless we dream of aseptic cities, from which all public life would have retreated within four walls – and what an experience during this pandemic! –  how can we not rejoice in the anonymous appropriation of pavements and streets, from the seashore to the edges of building sites, places of work, and places of living, in Marseille, Cairo, Alexandria, Seoul? Poetic appropriations that see the birth of ephemeral, tiny or monumental constructions; uses that shake up the urban order by their very fragility but allow everyone to find a place for the living.

The stage space is invaded and constrained by piles of objects, chairs, tyres, ropes, objects of little, of nothing, objects of the beggar*… The metamorphosis takes place through the actions of the dancers in search of balance, where everything is always on the verge of breaking down.

The two pieces were born in 2016 with the ambition of testing the specificity of creating for the stage and for the street, affirming each as singular and requiring its own scenic languages: In-Paradise is performed outdoors, Paradise is not enough indoors, a passage from outside to inside that reveals the power of a choreographic process that is confronted to the change of context, a change of perspective that leads from the real-time of urbanity to the symbolic time of the stage.

Concept/artistic direction Anne Le Batard, Jean-Antoine Bigot
Dancers Jean-Antoine Bigot, Lisa Da Boit, Tom Grand Mourcel, David Mazon, Corinne Pontana, Rolando Rocha, Satya Roosens, Ji-in Gook 

Scenography in-Paradise J.-A. Bigot Paradise is not enough Yoris Van den Houte

Music Pascal Ferrari et Régis Boulard
Costumes Julia Didier 

Production Ex Nihilo, created in 2016-2017
Coproduction KLAP Maison pour la danse in Marseille / L’Atelier 231 – Centre National des Arts de la Rue in Sotteville-lès-Rouen / Centre Chorégraphique National de Créteil et du Val-de-Marne – Compagnie Käfig / Le Pôle Arts de la Scène in Marseille

The creation was supported by SACD/Auteurs d’espaces, ADAMI and SPEDIDAM.

Supported by Théâtre La passerelle – scène nationale de Gap et des Alpes du Sud / Coopérative de Rue et de Cirque – 2r2c in Paris

Special thanks to La Cité des Arts de la Rue in Marseille / Générik Vapeur / Lieux Publics – Centre national de création en espace public / La Friche de la Belle de Mai