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Le 26 juillet à Moret-sur-Loing (77)

Un sentier en Normandie#5

Les 27 et 28 juillet à Saint-Etienne-sous-Bailleul (27)


Le 28 juillet au Parc de Choisy à Paris (13ème)


Le 29 aux Arênes de Lutèce à Paris


Le 29 juillet aux arênes de Lutèce à Paris (5ème)

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Created in 2001 | Piece for 6 dancers and 2 musicians | indoor or outdoor | 50 minutes

An evening at a ball, with only a string of lights, a few chairs and an electric guitar and a drum set leading the dance. The audience of this spontaneous party forms a circle around the dancers…

The atmosphere of the balls, when, at the end of the night, alcohol and fatigue drive people to abandon themselves and release their inhibitions, when wounds appear, deep ruptures that mark bodies, faces and the relationship with the other… We touch each other, we stick to each other, we cling to each other with no restraint, with no embarrassment. Bar atmosphere in Northern France or Europe, with photos by Anders Peterson.

Regarding the dance: the tango, the milongas, the knitting of the legs of an Argentinean couple’s dance, the tense, restrained body to body. The tango as an inspiration, we did not want to learn it by the rules but rather to reinvent the games played in couples. We went towards the whirlwind, the whirling, the desperate embrace. Men and women play to seduce each other, to love each other without ever being fooled, leaving each other and finding each other again. The ball is its music, and here it is played live. The two musicians lead the dancers as much as they accompany them.

Choreography Anne Le Batard and Jean-Antoine Bigot

Dancers J.-A. Bigot, A. Le Batard/Corinne Pontana, Anne Reymann, Jean-Marc Fillet, Virginie Coudoulet-Girard

Music Pascal Ferrari, Yves Miara (live)

Lighting design Jean-Louis Floro

Coproductions La Compagnie, atelier d’artistes à Belsunce / La Officina, atelier marseillais de production and Lieux Publics, centre national des arts de la rue, Marseille

Created for the Dansem festival, Marseille, and performed since then at Dies de Dansa, Barcelona; Batofar, Paris; Atelier 231, Sotteville-lès-Rouen; L’Arsenal, Metz; Furies, Châlons-en-Champagne; Chalon dans la Rue (Off); Sabadell, Spain; Rencontres chorégraphiques, Istres; Les 400 clous, Lille; Caressez le potager, Marseille…