June 2023


Les samedi 17 et dimanche 18 juin au festival TanzModernTanz à Chemnitz en Allemagne


Les samedi 24 et dimanche 25 juin à la Cité des arts de la rue à Marseille

Temps fort danse proposé par la compagnie ex nihilo à la Cité des arts de la rue. Programme à venir .

July 2023


Le samedi 8 Juillet au Festival Cratère Surface à Alès

May 2023

Derrière le blanc

Les 27 et 28 mai dans le cadre du Festival Hors Cadre à Saint-Gilles les Hauts, La réunion

July 2023


Les 29, 30, et 31 Juillet au festival international de rue La Strada à Graz en Autriche

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"Our choreographies are the result of immersive research in spaces explored by the body and the relationship to the other, in cities and countries where the company performs, works, encounters. There lies the birth of movement and writing, later placed into resonance in singular and unique spaces - populated and open to a thousand events, a public square and its crowd, an alley or a vacant lot, a far-reaching beach when the tides are suspended, or indoors, for art spaces, museums, or galleries.

A nomadic use of places as an ephemeral and gentle borrowing, rather than an appropriation, a use which never excludes the other: we place the dancer on the same level as ”anybody”, they are a ”mister nobody”, but whose language is dance.
Dance is our language."

Anne Le Batard et Jean-Antoine Bigot

The company Ex Nihilo was founded in 1994 with the intention of taking dance out of the rehearsal studio and the stage: to “push down the walls” to meet the public, to make the public space a privileged place for research and creation, to link the public space and the places of art by putting back into play and renewing the forms for the stage and the singular spaces.